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Charanjeet is an experienced Mortgage Agent focused on helping her clients succeed through long term planning. She fights hard to get you the best rates and works closely with you to plan for the future.

Mortgage Alliance, FSRA License # 10530


Working with a GOOD Mortgage Agent can save you money, help you build your real-estate portfolio, and empower you to make good financial decisions. Working with a bad Agent or a Bank with restricted options will often lead to getting a loan with less than optimal rates and terms that do not match your needs. Talk to our Amazing Agents to see the difference today! 

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get better mortgage rates than the big banks in Canada

Get access to better rates and lenders! We have access to lenders that often have better rates and terms than the big banks and many of these lenders only work through Mortgage Pros!

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Get amazing advice tailored to your specific needs and long term goals! Our Agents are amongst the best and will give you life long advice.

free mortgage advice paid by the lender

Our Agents work for you but get paid by the lenders! (with some exceptions. We'll let you know well in advance)

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